Netherlands: Rea College Pluryn

Mrs. Birgit Grimbergen

Kerkenbos 1003
6546 BB Nijmegen

Telephone:+31 88 779 23 00

Rea College Pluryn is a vocational education center for people with a disability in the Netherlands. We educate and train between 100 and 150 students each year.

Our services can be divided into:

  1. Talents Expedition (a tailor made assessment programme)
  2. Vocational training
  3. Ambulant support for students in mainstream education
  4. Job placement and job coaching
  1. The Talents Expedition (TE) aims to discover what the talents of each individual client are. In this tailor-made assessment (specially developed for our target group) we focus on the possibilities for our clients in the open labour market. Topics of the training are: self-awareness; needs and demands of the client under a realistic perspective; job orientation and matching needs and opportunities to achieve a career.
  2. Clients can come to REA College Pluryn for Vocational Education and Training. We offer courses in: Administration, Media design, ICT, Metal, AutoCAD / Mechanical engineering, Technology and Gardening. Also we provide training of social skills (how to apply for a job and how to behave as an employee) and empowerment training. Programmes are shaped to the demands and needs of each individual. All students receive officially recognized certificates after their education.
  3. In close cooperation with mainstream education centres, we support students with a disability in their schools. We also advise teachers and trainers how to help these students. When ambulant support does not seem to be enough and students drop out we take over the education.
  4. At the end of the education and training we support our students in finding a job in the open labour market. This is an integral part of our services. Job finders help to find a suitable job; job coachers make sure it is sustainable. Almost 60% of our students succeed in sustainable employment throughout qualification and employment services.

REA College Pluryn is part of Pluryn, which is a large service provider for people with a disability in eastern part of the Netherlands.

Portugal: APQ - Associação Portuguesa Para a Qualidade

Mrs. Carla Cunha

Rua Carlos Alves 3
1600-515 Lisbon

Telephone:+351 214 996 210

Portuguese Association for Quality (APQ), founded in 1969, is a membership based not for profit organisation, recognized as a Public Utility Institution in 1984, and its purpose is to promote Quality and Business Excellence in Portugal.

APQ mission is to add value to its members and to contribute to the sustained development of the Portuguese society, through creation and spreading of knowledge and promotion of innovative practices in the field of Quality and Business Excellence.

APQ headquarters is located in Lisbon and has four regional offices distributed in strategic areas across the country: Oporto (North), Faro (South), Azores and Madeira Islands. This allows a considerable geographic covering and, consequently, a greater approach to its members, organisations, other economic agents and the wider community.

With about 1600 members, organisations and individuals, APQ is widely recognised by its activity, both nationally and internationally. APQ has access to best practice organisations and benchmarking information in Portugal and tries to ensure that Portuguese organisations get access to the right information, tools and best practices.


In order to deliver maximum benefit to the members and the wider community, APQ panoply of services is wide, and APQ seeks to improve it constantly, focusing on customers and market demands:

APQ offers a variety of training programmes related to several subjects on Quality Management and Business Excellence. This training can be in-company or open-market, covering the following areas: Quality Management, Food sector, Environment, Performance Improvement, IT Service Management, IT Governance and Information Security, EFQM Excellence Model, Human Resources, Safety and Healthcare, Social Responsibility, Project Management, and others.

EFQM Levels of Excellence
APQ is responsible for the EFQM Levels of Excellence in Portugal, which is an European recognition scheme for companies and other organisations, namely: Committed to Excellence and Recognised for Excellence.

EQUASS Certification
APQ is recognized by EPR (European Platform for Rehabilitation) as Local License Holder in Portugal, responsible for certification in Social Services, namely: EQUASS Assurance

National Partnership Projects

  • National Observatory of Human Resources – ONRH: Annual Study on people satisfaction
  • European Customer Satisfaction Index – ECSI Portugal: Annual Study on customer satisfaction

Publications and materials

  • “Quality” magazine (quarterly)
  • APQ Newsletter
  • Library
  • “Qualishop”


  • Annual Quality Congress
  • Several conferences and seminars organised at a national and regional level
  • Standardization
    APQ is a Sectorial Standardization Body in the field of Quality Management, Accreditation Bodies and Risk Management, responsible for three Technical Committees, following ISO/TC 69, ISO/TC 176, ISO CASCO, CEN/CENELEC TC 1 and ISO/TC 262 activities.

    Specialized Learning and Discussing Groups

    • IPBPM – Portuguese Institute of Business Process Management
    • CRIS – Centre of Responsibility and Social Innovation
    • GERE – Group of Study on Enterprise Risk
    • Auditors College
    • Quality Dynamizer Groups

    Portugal: SINASE

    Mrs. Carla Gonçalves Pereira

    Rua da Estrela 21
    1200-668 Lisbon

    Telephone:+351 213 970 970

    Presentation of SINASE

    Sinase is a Portuguese consulting and training enterprise with extensive experience in the areas of human resources, organization, and management projects.

    Our Management Systems Department is specialized in the development of consultancy and audit services, based on international standards (such as ISO 9001, 14001, OHSAS 18001, SA 8000, EFQM, EQUASS) in addition to the implementation of tools and specific legislation, suitable for various sectors, such as public, healthcare or social services.

    Vocational training is one of the fundamental areas of action in Sinase, since its establishment in 1968. Over the years, the activity has been adapted to new areas of intervention, methodologies and tools, always regarding the continuous improvement of services rendered.

    In the past ten years, the activity of Sinase has been centered in projects and studies of national and regional level, with particular focus on the development of the skills of professionals and organizations facing new challenges and requirements imposed by the current socio-economic situation.

    We have participated in transnational projects, such as Leonardo da Vinci, ERASMUS, ADAPT, NOW, HORIZON, INTEGRA and EQUAL (Project Excelência na Solidariedade 2 in partnership with three social institutions of Alentejo, PROACT that aimed to create and implement an integrated model of homecare service).

    Sinase has also over 20 years of experience in the management of projects co-financed by the FSE and has a wide portfolio of clients and partners in the public, private and social sectors that will allow access to best practice in equal opportunities in Portugal.

    Norway: eQual Consulting

    Mr. Geir Moen

    Togstadvegen 213
    2164 Skogbygda

    Telephone:+47 92608010

    Equal Consulting AS

    Equal Consulting is a young company that was established December 2012 by Geir Moen. The main office of the company is located in Kongsvinger, a small city 100 km northeast of Oslo, the capital of Norway. There are also two more offices that are used on regular basis – one close to Oslo and one in southern France.

    Until December 2012 Geir Moen worked within non-profit organisations for about 25 years, mainly in the VET- and child welfare sector in Norway. Since 2008 he has been working with professional consultancy, quality assurance, project management and courses - mainly for the VET sector.

    The company is a commercial company that are based on social values and the Code of Ethics is in line with what can be found in non-profit organisations. The mission of Equal Consulting is: to provide professional development, education and guidance to improve the quality of services in health, education and social sector in Norway and the rest of Europe. To achieve this, our approach is to link together theoretical described systems for quality assurance with the daily practice in service delivery.

    At the present there are three permanent employees that together with key personnel who are hired as needed delivers the different services that are offered by the company. Our core activities are in relation to quality management and quality assurance within the social sector, but as the quality of the services to a great extent depends on the staffs' competence it is natural for us to have a focus at competence while solving our tasks. This is carried out by contributing to professional development of the sector in our own projects or by participating in national and international projects, or by increasing competence by designing and execute courses for management and employees. Another core activity is to offer tailored consulting based on assessment of individual organisations.

    When it comes to quality management Equal Consulting bases their work at the EQUASS standard. Two of our employees are certified as auditors by EQUASS Europe. Geir Moen in the key expert in this field in the organisation and he has experience from auditing about 60 organisations after the EQUASS standard in Norway, Potugal and Ireland, and he has since 2008 been developing, introducing and implementing quality management systems based on EQUASS in several VET organisations in Norway.

    Portugal: AFID - Fundação afid diferença

    Mrs. Vanessa Ferreira

    Rua Quinta do Paraiso
    2610-316 Amadora

    Telephone:+351 214 724 040

    AFID Diferença Foundation is an Institution of Social Solidarity, created on June 23 (2005), by the National Association of Families for the Integration of the Disabled Person – AFID (1985), which is dedicated to rehabilitation initiatives, education, training and socio-professional integration of people with disabilities. The Foundation also promotes a set of activities to support the community and provides services in the areas of assistance and social solidarity, as well as child, senior care and environmental. AFID Diferença Foundation is the first Institution in the area of social intervention, in Portugal, certified by the norm ISO 9001:2008, by the Brand ISS Level A and by EQUASS Excellence. Currently, AFID Diferença Foundation, as a whole, serves over 1.300 people in the areas of Infancy (AFID KIDS), People with Disability, Youngsters, Adults (AFID REAB) and Elderly (AFID SÉNIOR), and employs daily over 150 staff members, it is one of the main Social Institutions of the country – by its dimension, diversity and complementary services it provides and by the quality of management and the technical team.

    Our main goals:

    • To promote the creation of structures that guarantee Rehabilitation, Health, Education, Training, Deinstitutionalization and Integration of People with disability, their families and other disadvantaged groups, with Quality.
    • To develop support actions to Isolated and Disadvantaged People, namely the Elderly and Youngsters.
    • To develop Therapeutically Art and Cultural activities with Disabled authors and other disadvantaged groups, in order to provide Inclusion.
    • To raise awareness in the community to the issue of Disability and other disadvantaged groups.
    • To promote activities of protection and early detection of Disability.

    And we continue to dream, this year (2013) we launched a new structure – AFID GENERATION. The construction of the new equipment AFID GENERATION is the fulfillment of a long felt need: the constant concern for the Quality of Life of the citizens and the realization that there is insufficient social support coverage in the Municipality of Amadora led to a decision that in 2013 became reality – with this Equipment the Foundation will enhance its offer of Social Responses, increasing its support to approximately 140 new clients: Residential Structure for Elderly People - ERPI, with capacity for 60 people; Nursery, with capacity for 33 children; and Home Support Services – SAD with 50 new clients; also contributing to the creation of 40 new jobs.

    Vision | A quality and active life for people with disabilities and other target groups in an inclusive society Mission | Promote the autonomy and social support, health, education and training, in a sustained manner, fight exclusion, protect the clients and the heritage of the Foundation, and guarantee excellence in service provision Values | Ethics, Integrity, Solidarity, Respect and Discipline, Humanity, Equal Opportunity.

    Our Vision, Mission and Values continues to guide us towards an excellence intervention always thinking of others. We are a door always open, always available, always friendly: a future with better quality of life depends on each and every one of us.

    Spain: Fundación INTRAS

    Mrs. Laura Martinez Dominguez

    C/Santa Lucia, 19, 1a planta
    47005 Valladolid
    ES - SPAIN

    Telephone:+34 983 399 633

    INTRAS is a non-profit organisation established in August 1994 by a group of professionals looking for quality in research and intervention in the field of health and social care. They found in the third sector an avenue for social and economic improvement of the quality of life of disadvantaged groups.

    Main objectives and target groups

    It aims to improve the quality of life of people suffering from social exclusion due to mental health problems, the disabled, the elderly, families and careers and other people with special needs, and professionals working in the field, by providing social and health assistance and promoting research, development and innovation in the field of mental health and other disabilities.

    INTRAS main objectives are:

    • Promoting and developing healthcare programs.
    • Promoting and developing technological research and innovation projects.
    • Promoting and developing psycho-social and labour integration programs.
    • Improving the quality of research and healthcare programs through training and publications.
    • Promoting cooperation and research projects to boost development in the public health field together with other European and Latin-American countries.

    INTRAS Recovery Approach

    The development of our services is based on the Recovery approach, since past experiences show that more than 50% of mentally ill people can be recovered. The main aim of our training and rehabilitation activities is to provide our clients with resources to design and achieve their own life projects by empowering them to become protagonists of their own recovery process. The last step of this process is to enter the labour market, either by finding a standard job or through self-employment. Listening to demands of our target groups for new programmes and activities enables INTRAS to provide services tailored to the needs and possibilities of each person. We strongly believe that each person can achieve an appropriate level of quality of life, despite the eventual persistence of some mental illness symptoms.

    Recognition of Quality

    INTRAS is the unique entity in Castilla y León supporting people with mental illness which reaches the certificate EFQM (European Foundation for Quality Management) of Business Excellence in its form European Quality 400 + points (September 2011).

    INTRAS in numbers

    Nowadays, INTRAS is composed of 8 centres in 5 different provinces in Spain where more than 90 professionals, working mainly in the fields of psychiatry, psychology, education and economy, combine research, training and clinical assistance.

    During 2012, 48 young people with special needs attended the vocational training programs, 43 people with mental illness (PWMI) attended training programs for adults, 91 PWMI used the resources of the psycho-rehabilitation centre, 93 PWMI used the labour guidance service, 95 older people trained their memory through our workshops, 139 PWMI were accommodated in the residential home and the supervised flats, 160 PWMI used the services offered by the day centres, 170 PWMI were attended by our community support team, 306 people enjoyed the leisure activities promoted by INTRAS, 36 relatives of PWMI and older people were supported and 15 PWMI were hired in social companies.

    Germany: Josefsheim Bigge Gruppe

    Mr. Martin Künemund

    Heinrich-Sommer-Strasse 13
    59939 Olsberg

    Telephone:+49 (0) 2962 800-469

    Josefsheim gGmbH – Description of Services

    The Josefsheim gGmbH (a non-profit private limited company) is a centre of excellence for rehabilitation. We offer our services to people with physical, sensory, learning and complex disabilities. Our range of services is directed at people of all age groups.

    Our range of services in full detail:

    Vocational Training Centre

    In the Vocational Training Centre we train young people with disabilities in 31 different trades with the aim of qualifying them for the primary job market. There are 218 training positions available. The trainees are trained in a practical and production-oriented manner. We provide practical and theoretical training using the dual system at the Heinrich Sommer Vocational College. Full time courses for the basic vocational education year and vocational orientation year are also on offer. In the prevocational area of education, we offer vocational preparation educational measures: trial work periods and suitability testing. The objective is to secure a well-founded choice of occupation, to start a course of training or for placement on the primary job market. During their training the young people stay at the residential school of our Vocational Training Centre or in external living groups with socio-pedagogic support. We specialise in the field of training young people with aural disabilities. As a member of the association for the quality of vocational training centres for people with aural disabilities we are certified to train these young people.

    Sheltered Workshop

    There are 413 jobs available for people with disabilities in our Sheltered Workshop. The first stage in the entry procedure is to find out if the workshop can offer the appropriate support. The vocational training then follows. It should enable people with disabilities to take up an employment in a Sheltered Workshop, in a Vocational Training Centre, in the general labour market or to receive some work experience.

    Living Facilities and Support

    The remedial kindergarten Sonnenschein has room to support 16 disabled children between the ages of 3 to 6 years. Since August 2011 our kindergarten is also open to the children of our employees. There is close cooperation with the nearby regular kindergarten that is run by the local church community. At Josefsheim Bigge there are living arrangements for 346 people of all age groups with disabilities. This number includes the living quarters that lie outside the main complex: Haus Jakobus (Bigge) and Haus Bruno (Brunskappel). We have another 51 places at our Josefshaus branch in Lipperode. We offer diverse forms of accommodation. Depending on their requirements, people with disabilities can choose their own living arrangements. living arrangements for couples.The Open Assistance completes the range of services with assisted living for non-residents, the outpatient service, family care, assistance services, individual care for people with severe disabilities and assistance with integration.

    Special Services

    The Special Services, with their various skills, accompany the process with service planning and the delivery of separate services. The Special Services establish contact with the other specialised departments and thereby assure interdisciplinary work in all areas. The specialised departments are Social Service, Psychological Service, the Medical-therapeutic Service, Integration Service and the special Service for the hearing impaired.

    Ambulant Services

    Our ambulant Service “Jovita” provides services for people with disabilities, elderly people in need of care and families with a need for special assistance. In total “Jovita” provides Services for 63 people.

    Estonia: Astangu Kutserehabilitatsiooni Keskus

    Mrs. Keiu Talve

    Astangu 27
    13519 Tallinn

    Telephone:+372 5682 9104

    Astangu Vocational Rehabilitation Center is a one-of-a-kind center in Estonia, providing rehabilitation services and various courses to working age people with special needs. Our team aims to prepare our clients for work through developing clients' skills and work abilities. Our work is based on the specific capacities and needs of each individual with whom we work.

    Our Mission is to provide people with special needs with opportunities to develop their operational and work abilities and support them on their way to the labor market.

    Our Vision- We are a leading center in Estonia in the field of social and vocational rehabilitation, supporting people with special needs in realizing their full potential.

    As a vocational rehabilitation centre, a great deal of our work comes down to three main pillars: providing vocational education and training through various courses, offering rehabilitation services to support the development process, and providing intensive employment support both during and after the study period.

    However, we put an equally important focus on being a national competence centre in the field of social and vocational rehabilitation. Therefore, we have a wide array of projects and developments which, together with our main vocational rehabilitation process, constitute the prime activities of our centre.

    Facts about Astangu:

    • Founded in 1995
    • administered by the Ministry of Social Affairs
    • member of European Platform for Rehabilitation since 2003
    • EQUASS Assurance certified 2011, 2013
    • EPR Innovation Award winner 2013
    • 128 trainees in 18 study groups (2012/2013)
    • 115 employees
    • service users from all over the country
      • EQUASS Local License Holder since 2012
      • More than 60 service providers implementing EQUASS Assurance in Estonia (as of Feb 2014), 29 certified organizations
      • EQUASS implementation with ESF funding
      • Estonian Quality Association award „Performance of the Year 2011“

    Lithuania: Valakupiu Reabilititacijos Centras

    Mrs. Rasa Noreikyte-Ustinaviciene

    Vaidilutes str. 69
    LT10100 Vilnius

    Telephone:+370 52477453


    Public Institution Valakupiai Rehabilitation Centre (VRC) was established in 2000 by the Government of Lithuania. The mission of VRC is to provide, constantly improve and develop medical, vocational and social rehabilitation services for persons with disabilities within organization and nationwide seeking their full and equal participation in public life, integration into society and better quality of life.

    Over 100 VRC staff members provide vocational rehabilitation, medical rehabilitation, social day care and driving school services for people with severe and moderate disabilities in Lithuania. Every year more than 700 service users benefit from the supports provided in two Vilnius and Kaunas locations.

    Since 2010 VRC also acts as a methodical centre for vocational rehabilitation in Lithuania and as a local license holder for EQUASS Assurance in Lithuania. VRC actively organizes training seminars, informative sessions for different groups of specialists providing social services and medical care, conducts researches and etc.

    For more than 10 years VRC is actively involved in national and transnational projects on medical rehabilitation, social integration and employment of people with disabilities (as an applicant and partner)

    Since 2006 VRC is certified with ISO 9000:2008/LST EN ISO 9001:2008 standard requirements, since 2008 EQUASS Excellence quality mark.

    VRC is an associate member of international association of European Platform for Rehabilitation.

    Ireland: Rehab Group

    Mr. Michael Crowley

    Roslyn Park, Sandymount
    Dublin 4

    Telephone:+35 35312057337


    “ The Rehab Group has a number of Divisions providing Social Service activities. National Learning Network (NLN) is the specialist education, training and employment division of the Rehab Group. NLN provides labour market training and community rehabilitation services to people recovering from illness, injury and mental ill-health, people with long term disabilities and those who are at risk of exclusion and isolation from the labour market and their communities. NLN is the largest private provider of training and employment access programmes in Ireland.

    NLN services include assessment of need, career guidance, independent life skills, core and sector specific work skills and work placement programmes and are designed to remove barriers for people excluded from the labour market and to enhance peoples’ quality of life and community inclusion. NLN delivers over 40 vocational and pre-vocational training courses offering awards on the National Framework of Qualifications (NFQ) and personal development and community integration services in 50 locations throughout Ireland.”

    Norway: Grue Service AS

    Mrs. Tone Hanssen


    NO - Norway

    Telephone:+47 97640539

    Grue Serviec AS is a limited company, with the presidency of the community of Grue being the only shareholders.

    The Community of Grue is located in Hedmark county, Norway.

    Grue Service AS has a staff of nine permanent emplyees including the manager.

    Our work training programs:

    Permanent jobs in sheltered workshops (5 persons) This is offered to people with permanent disabilities and the participants are people with physic- or psychic illness or damages. The group works in…

    • kitchen/cafeteria/catering,
    • carwash
    • mecanichal production (Luxo lamps),
    • garden service for private households,
    • transport service,
    • laundry service,
    • daily operations of the only fitnessgym in the area.

    Workpractice in sheltered workshops (10 persons, 12 – 24 months) This is offered to people who have difficulties in order to get ordinary employments, and who has needs regarding to lack of skills, social behaviour, lack of stability, lack of practice etc. This group works in all off our mentioned sheltered workshops, and also after some time they will do workpractice in ordinary companies.

    Clarification program (6 persons, 4 – 12 weeks) This program is offered to persons with undefined needs in order to get back to work. The participants get the assistance they need to make individual plans for their own future about how to make it back to a ordinary employment or education.

    Slovenia: Centerkontura d.o.o.

    Mrs. Tita Destovnik

    Linhartova ulica 51
    1000 Ljubljana

    Telephone:+386 1 280 34 68

    CENTERKONTURA Company operates in the Slovenia since 1996. At first it has been established to develop mainly as consulting, vocational education and training and publishing company. The Centerkontura Company is registered for performing various activities: Employment service, Research and development , Social welfare, Consulting and business sevices, Leather accessories, Training and educating, Publishing, Employment rehabilitation. Centerkontura Company employed 46 people with more than 40% of disabled and for that it is granted a special status. For the status services and manufacturing activities are offered in order to train and employ the disabled. The company's mission is to supplement organized offer of consulting, training and employing of the disabled and the long-term unemployed in the Ljubljana region and wider throughout Slovenia. The Centerkontura Company has a team of highly qualified experts with experience in the field of employment mediation and vocational training.

    Greece: Panagia Eleousa

    Mrs. Mina Kyziridi

    Psilogefiro, P.C.
    30100 Agrinio

    Telephone:+30 26410 39783

    “PANAGIA ELEOUSA” is a day care centre for people with intellectual and related disabilities, a Private Law Legal Entity, of non-profitable nature. It was founded in 1990 in Messolonghi city upon the initiative of Mrs. Maria Tsoutsou - mother of boy who was born with intellectual disability, the President of the Board of Directors. In 2001 a second site was constructed in Agrinio city in order to cover the needs of the service users who live in the northern part of the region. Moreover, we have created structures and implemented actions, which were innovative when implemented (a counselling station/cultural club, 2 exhibition rooms-shops, the Nautical Sports – Environmental Centre- Summer Camps, Residential Services in Messolonghi and Agrinio cities). “PANAGIA ELEOUSA”, having 40 highly qualified professionals, provides education, training and lifelong care, counselling, psychological support, and additional support services to 135 people, with mild or severe/profound intellectual disability and related disabilities: kinetic disabilities, sensory impairments, speech disorders, slight psychiatric disorders, autism, Down Syndrome etc., aged over fifteen years coming from the whole prefecture of Etoloakarnania, who are educated, free of any charge. More specifically special education and vocational training are provided in fully developed technical workshops such as: Sewing, Ceramics, Silk-screen printing, Bookbinding, Floriculture and Greenhouses, Ceroplastics (decorative candles), Ceroplastics (church candles), Weaving, Religious Icons Artificial Ageing, Office Tasks, Folk art, Pastry, workshop of jam and traditional Greek spoon sweets production, Information Technology (Computers) and environmental training.

    During its operation “PANAGIA ELEOUSA” organises and participates in various scientific (conferences), cultural (theatrical performances, folk dancing, chorus), entertaining, sport activities (participation in Special Olympics) aiming on the one hand at empowering the service users by developing their skills and talents and on the other at raising the public awareness in order to achieve the integration of people with disabilities by creating inclusion perspectives. Our efforts focus on the constant improvement of the quality of the provided services and the enhancement of effectiveness of all our actions aiming at the social rehabilitation of people with intellectual disabilities.

    “PANAGIA ELEOUSA” has been awarded with EQUASS Excellence in May 2008 (It is the first organisation in Greece that was awarded with EQUASS Excellence). It was also re-evaluated in May 2011 achieving the quality certification for the second time. The Organisation has also been receiving since 1998 the official certification by the National Accreditation Centre of Continuing Vocational Training (EKEPIS- Ministry of Labour) with a high mark, as a Specialized Centre of Social and Vocational Inclusion of People with Disabilities for both the training sites in Messolonghi and Agrinio.

    Concerning Panagia Eleousa’s participation in Projects, since 1993 we participate actively in European projects aiming at the continuous training of our staff/professionals, which will significantly contribute to the provision of high quality services resulting to enhancing the service users’ quality of life. Lately, we contributed as a partner in the Project BEST Quality - Comparison and evaluation of the effectiveness of established QM systems throughout Europe and in the Project PESSIS-“Promoting employers’ social services organisations in social dialogue- Redress the lack of qualitative and quantitative data on labour and social dialogue issues in the sector of social services from the perspective of employers. We are also looking forward to having a fruitful cooperation during the course of the DeSqual Project.

    Netherlands: Disworks

    Mrs. Brigitte van Lierop

    Jekerweg 42
    6212GC Maastricht

    Telephone:++316 5181 3690

    Disworks develops, implements and evaluates policies and practices aimed at increasing the employment of people with disabilities.

    “We believe that people with disabilities are entitled to a full place in society and thus to participate in the labor market, corresponding to their capabilities. To give that right content, it is important that organizations aimed at increasing the employment rate of people with disabilities, learn how to put in their possibilities and expertise in such a way that the employment chances of people with disabilities will actually increase. From that perspective we support governmental institutes, companies, organizations and service providers through organizational development, research and advice regarding policy and implementation focused on the increase of the employment of persons with a disability. Also we contribute to policy developments aimed at increasing people with disabilities.“

    Prof. Dr. Frans Nijhuis: "The core of my work is to support policy and organizational changes aimed at increasing participation of people with disabilities. I do this through consultancy services, methodology development, research and training and coaching of policy makers, managers and professionals active in the world of work and employment of people with disabilities. "

    Dr. Brigitte van Lierop: "With passion and knowledge to work on the content”. As an independent consultant and researcher I work in all projects aimed at improving the employment situation of people with disabilities: as manager, project manager, project advisor and as evaluator. "

    Examples of recent Projects

    Development and Innovation:

    • Development and implementation of Sustainable Job Creation Method in Long Term Care Homes, Hospitals, National Railway, High Tech Industry, aiming at creating sustainable employment for people with disabilities
    • Knowledge and expertise development
    • Development and implementation of training modules for vocational rehabilitation counselors in order to develop expertise in Sustainable Job Creation
    • Development and implementation of a bachelors program in vocational rehabilitation

    Applied research:

    • Research on success factors for employment programs for unemployed people with mental background
    • Research into factors that affect job retention for people with a visual impairment

    Projects aimed at cultural changes:

    • Managing a four years project in order to create a cultural change in the Netherlands regarding the employment of youngsters with a disability

    Evaluation Methodology and description:

    • Evaluation study regarding the reintegration activities of a municipality for its own staff

    International Projects:

    • Coordination of international research in fifteen European countries, developing an economic model to predict employment chances for people with disabilities
    • Development and implementation of a reintegration methodology for the disabled in Turkey

    Policy advice:

    • E.g. Member of National Advisory Committees regarding the employment for youngsters with disabilities, creating regular employment for employees of Social Enterprises, revision of the Social Security System
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