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Development of sustainable quality assurance in VET

Background of the project

In many quality projects for Vocational Education and Training (VET), such as EQAVET (European Quality Assurance in Vocational Education and Training), much attention is paid to the creation and the implementation of a solid structure of a quality system. Once a system is established and implemented, the VET-provider can be assessed by peer review and an independent external assessment. Frequent external assessment shows that many VET-providers face the challenge to maintain the quality performance according EQAVET requirements on a daily basis. In other words: they have the challenge to assure the sustainable implementation of EQAVET requirements in their quality systems.

Aims of the project

The main aim of DeSqual is to create sustainable quality assurance in VET-providers for people with a disability in a European framework. Sustainability will be accomplished by enhancing, improving and increasing quality awareness, quality culture and quality behavior of staff of VET-providers.

We will develop and test a tailored modular training program for quality assurance in VET-providers for people with a disability. The training program will be adapted from existing successful programs for quality assurance.

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